Pistolesi e Stabilini

PISTOLESI & STABILINI Website and Social Media. Life is so dangerous. I’m too young to die.

Raccorderia Verolese

Logo raccorderia verolese

RACCORDERIAVEROLESE Website and Visual identity. From 1979, hydraulic fitting company. Family business, family’s loves.

Pallacanestro Brescia

PALLACANESTRO BRESCIA Press Office and Social Media. 3 years of crazy things. https://danielepreti.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/NEXTGEN-Weekly-Game.mp4


Social Media and Communication. 2K23 and 2K22 Edition.Summer Basketball Tournament.Powered by Baskethood and ExtraPass.

Pallacanestro Gardonese

PALLACANESTROGARDONESE Website, Social Media and Communication. Serie C Gold 2022/23Serie B Interregionale 2023/24 NEXT STEP ?

Extra Pass

EXTRA PASS Social Media. Do u wanna improve your bball skills?Dassa & Dawson brotherhood, the best duo in the game!